Draft Schedule for SWEN433, 2019

This is a draft schedule and is subject to changes.
Week Date Topics
Mandatory Readings Deadlines
1 Tue, 8 Jul No lecture    
Thu, 11 Jul No lecture    
2 Thu, 18 Jul Introduction WIS_W01_introduction.pdf
Fri, 19 Jul Web Information Systems WIS_W02_Architecture.pdf
Paper report 1
3 Tue, 23 Jul

Web Services WIS_W03&4_Web_services.pdf

Paper report 2
Thu, 25 Jul

Web Services

Paper report 3
4 Tue, 30 Jul Student Discussion: The REST battle 2019_WIS_GD1.pdf
Paper report 4
Thu, 1 Aug Web Data Management WIS_W05_Web_data_design.pdf
Paper report 5
5 Tue, 6 Aug Web Data Management WIS_W05_Web_data_replication.pdf
Paper report 6
Thu 8 Aug Web Data Management WIS_W06_Big_data.pdf
Paper report 7
Fri 9 Aug Group Discussion: The CAP battle WIS_GD2_CAP.pdf

Paper report 8
6 Tue, 13 Aug

NoSQL Data Stores WIS_W07_NoSQL.pdf

Paper report 9
Thu, 15 Aug
Group Discussion: The NoSQL battle WIS_GD3.pdf

Paper report 10

Assingment 1 due on Friday

Fri, 16 Aug Cloud Data Management WIS_W08_Cloud.pdf
Mid-trimester break 19 - 30 Aug
7 Tue, 3 Sept

Presentation 1 (by:Andrew Thompson, Daniel Young, Maegan Kennedy)

(chair: Carl and Tomas)

ACIDRain: Concurrency-Related Attacks on Database-Backed Web Applications

Paper report 11

Thu, 5 Sept

Presentation 2 (by: Kun Huang and Daniel Kahu)

(chair: Andrew, Daniel and Maega )

Usage Patterns and the Economics of the Public Cloud Paper report 12
Fri, 6 Sept

Presentation 3 (by: Juan, Qiangqiang and Xingchen)

(chair: Kun Huang and Daniel Kahu)

How Web Services Can Be Tolerant to Intruders through Diversification Paper report 13
8 Tue, 10 Sept

Presentation 4 (by Sean Stevenson & Alex Mitchell)

(chair: Juan, Qiangqiang and Xingchen)

Cassandra - The NoSQL Column Store used by Facebook also here
Paper report 14
Thu, 12 Sept Presentation 5 ( by Callen and Harry)
(chair: Sean Stevenson and Alex Mitchell)

How to Supercharge the Amazon T2: Observations and Suggestions
Paper report 15
Fri, 13 Sept Presentation 6 (by Jingjing, Chengyue, and Lutian)
(chair: Callen and Harry)
Big Data for Supporting Low-Carbon Road Transport Policies in Europe: Applications, Challenges and Opportunities Paper report 16
9 Tue, 17 Sept Presentation 7: (by Kristen and Shaun)
(chair: Jingjing, Chengyue, and Lutian)

Apache Spark: A unified engine for big data processing
Paper report 17
Thu, 19 Sept Presentation 8: (by James, Thomas and Chintan)
(chair: Kristen and Shaun)

Big Data technologies: A survey
Paper report 18
Fri , 20 Sept Presentation 9: (by Will and David)
(chair: James, Thomas and Chintan)

ATLAS: A World-Wide Travel Assistant Exploiting Service-Based Adaptive Technologies
Paper report 19
10 Tue, 24 Sept Presentation 10 (by Yingliang and Man Wui)
(chair: Will and David)

Cloud Strife: Expanding the Horizons of Cloud Gaming Services
Paper report 20
Thu, 26 Sept Presentation 11 (by Srijith, Gurpreet, and Boon)
(chair: Yingliang and Man Wui)
Closing the Functional and Performance Gap between SQL and NoSQL Paper report 21
Fri, 27 Sept Presentation 12 (by Yi Sian, Arnold, Ana)
(chair: Srijith, Gurpreet, and Boon)

Disinformation on the Web: Impact, Characteristics, and Detection of Wikipedia Hoaxes
Paper report 22
11 Tue, 1 Oct Presentation 13 (by Ashish, Jasna, Babeesh)
(chair: Yi Sian, Arnold, Ana)

MongoDB Atlas Database as a Service - The popular NoSQL Document Store

a white paper: https://www.mongodb.com/collateral/mongodb-atlas-best-practices

Paper report 23
Thu, 3 Oct Presentation 14 (by Christopher Parry, Hamish Clark )
(chair: Ashish, Jasna, Babeesh)
Outatime: Using Speculation to Enable Low-Latency Continuous Interaction for Mobile Cloud Gaming Paper report 24
Fri, 4 Oct Presentation 15 (by Carl and Tomas)
(chair: Christopher Parry, Hamish Clark)
How Amazon web services uses formal methods

Essay Due

Paper report 25

12 Tue, 8 Oct Final lecture: exam revision    
Thu, 10 Oct      
Fri, 11 Oct