SWEN 433 has three internal assignments: an assignment, a Presentation and an Essay.

In addition, you must submit mandatory Paper Reports due at the beginning of every lecture. Paper Reports are worth 5% of your final grade for the course.

Assignment 1: (Due: Friday, 16 August)

Assignment 1 (SWEN433_Assignment_1.pdf) is worth 5% of your final grade for the course. Please submit your assignment via the submission system.

Assignment 2 - Presentation (as scheduled)

The presentation is worth 15% of your final grade for the course.

The presentation will involve a team of two or three students reading and discussing a paper selected from a list of academic articles provided. Each team will give a presentation on their paper (selected from PresentationReadings) at a scheduled time (TBA).

Each team will submit their slides of the presentation on the day of the presentation scheduled to the submission system. Each team member must fairly contribute to the presentation and will receive an individual mark for her/his presentation.

The presentation of two people will take minimal 30 minutes followed by a discussion. The presentation of three people will take minimal 40 minutes followed by a discussion.

Your presentation should include:
  • What problem does the research paper study?
  • Why is it important to do the research?
  • How is the problem solved? What methods are used?
  • How good is the solution? How is the solution evaluated?
  • How does the paper contribute to the research area?
Presentations will marked on the contents of the slides and on the presenters' presentation skills. Presentation markingsheet is available here.

Assignment 3 - Essay (due: Friday, 4 October Tuesday, 8 October)

The essay is worth 25% of your final grade for the course.

Each student will submit an essay on a question related to the paper selected for your presentation. Writing the essays will help you to understand the state-of-the-art of research on Web Information Systems, including research trends, research methods, and research challenges. The essay must be submitted electronically in PDF format. Each student will receive an individual mark for her/his essay.

Your essay should include a brief literature review. You will use the selected paper and other papers published in the last 5 years as references. You will need to discuss the contributions of the papers, the limitations of the proposed approaches in the papers, and the opportunities it raises for future work.

Your essay should be 6-8 pages long. Make sure that you cite sources appropriately, both from the course material and from your own readings.


Your essay is due at 11:55pm on the due date. Your essay should be submitted electronically

Each student will have 3 "late days" for the essay assignment. There will be no penalty applied for these late days. Normally you do not need to apply for these. The late days are intended to cover minor illnesses or other personal reasons for being late. You should ask for extensions in the case of more significant or longer lasting problems (and you may need documentation).

Late essays will be penalised if the essay is more three days late then the due date. The penalty is 10% per week day after 7 October 11 October (three days after the due date) and essays more than seven days late may not be marked, unless prior agreement with the course coordinator has been made at least 24 hours in advance with respect to the corresponding due date. Approval for late submission will only be given in exceptional circumstances.

Essay Format

Your essay should be formatted according to IEEE conference style. Details of the style files is available at: https://www.ieee.org/conferences/publishing/templates.html

Essay Assessment

The assessment will consider both content and presentation. Please see marking guideline here

The presentation will be assessed on how easy it is to read, correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, clear diagrams, and so on.

The content will be assessed according to its clarity, consistency, relevance, the strength of your arguments, bibliography and critical engagement with related work, and your demonstrated understanding of the material in the course. We will not mark you down because you missed a detail that covers a fairly minor situation, but we will if the missing detail is essential for your arguments.

Any material over the 8th page may not be read, and (as a consequence) essays that exceed 8 pages significantly are unlikely to be marked as well as those that stay within the page limit.