App Description: One Page Description of the App you Aim to Develop in Assignments 1 and 2

NB! This is marked for the entire group and all members get the same mark. Groups can be formed from 1, 2 or 3 people but no more. Please use the Team Signup system to create a group of 1, 2, or 3 people by the end of the first week. Note that if you create a group of ONE it will simply mean that you chose to complete the relevant assessment items individually.

In this assignment you are going to write a one page description of the application you aim to develop in the assignment 1 and 2.


1 page (A4 - or more if you prefer) description of what is your application. You have to clearly identify what is it that you are going to do and what are the main features. Your App can be something that other students in the class are doing but, as there is no group mark in SWEN 325, the implementation should be individual (see the Marking Guide on the Assignments page).

Time Estimation

It is quite important to have your estimation of how long would it take for you to develop the application you described in your report. Please take into account that you will have around 32-40 hours (4 weeks of 8-10 hours each) to make the application and record a demo. Take your time and think about your programming skills and all the important factors that might help or make it harder for you as you estimate the time. This time will include learning the relevant JS framework(s).

A good and accurate time estimation, will help you to be prepared and get a better mark for the Assignments!

Some Ideas for Creating Apps

  • Instagram clone - allowing posting of photos and sharing them with friends (server side storage is required)
  • Snapchat clone - allowing sending photos or messages to friends that disappear (network communication is required)
  • IMDB clone - application to visit latest movies, information about a movie, rating feature etc.
  • Facebook messenger - a realtime application where you can chat with your friends
  • Slack clone - a workspace communication app where you can tag (mention) and upload assets and make groups or channels
  • A simple to do list application
  • A simple web browser that stores user names and passwords for you
  • An App to manage "in person marking" sign ups
  • An App to post and manage "ECS News" items
  • Well, it's your time to do some thinking and add to list wink

It is reasonable if you want to take a look at the rubric for Assignments 1 and 2 before making decision of what you are going to make and how you are going to implement it.

Submission Checklist

  • One page description of your application called 325-description-username.pdf
    • mention what it does and why it does it
    • describe the main features
    • mention if you are going to work in the group or individual
    • mention how long would it take to finish developing the app you describe in the report
      • e.g. it would take 12 hours for me to build a ...