SWEN 303 (2018) - User Interface Design

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10/9/2018: Welcome back to SWEN303

In this week's lectures, we'll review the full analysis process:
personas & scenarios/task cases (assignment 2 & project part 1)
interface architecture (start of project part 2) and then move to
interaction design (rest of group project).  

To ensure groups are ready for the Group Project, we also plan
on organising groups during the lectures this week.

So it's probably a good idea to come to this week's lectures at least.

In other topics:

Marks for Assignment 1 are being audited: we'll discuss that
in the lecture this week too (another reason to come along :-).
Once marks are out, if you've questions about your grades,
contact Vil in the first instance, or follow up with James.

Helpdesks for Assignment 2 will restart this week: (Fri: 3pm-5pm
@CO242A) and carry on next week (Mon: 11am-5pm, Tue: 10am-12pm, Wed:
2pm-5pm, all CO242A).  As usual, we'll also answer questions on the forum,
and other questions can go to swen303-help@ecs.vuw.ac.nz.

Finally: FREE PIZZA.  Teach First: Ako M[ch257]t[ch257]tupu are running an event,
‘Science, Social Impact and Education’ this Tuesday 5pm - 6pm,
AM101. The event will be an opportunity for students to engage in
conversations about Science and how they can use their degrees to make
social impact. Attendants will also get the opportunity to hear more
about the award-winning Teach First NZ Graduate Programme, and also
get the FREE PIZZA.  see - https://www.facebook.com/events/1016625868544760/

James, Simon, Vil & co.

(ps did we mention FREE PIZZA)