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Welcome to Software Development!

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NB! Alex Potanin (course coordinator) has office hour 11am - 12pm on Mondays (due to low turnout I reduced it to one hour). Please come by or email him if you have any "course administration issues" such as extensions etc.

NB! Our class reps are: Callum Li (CallumL1009@gmail.com), Thomas Fuge (thomas.fuge@gmail.com), and Te Rahui Tunua (tunuatera@myvuw.ac.nz).


8/5/2017: Assignment Questions

If you have any questions regarding assignment 3 (or later) or lab 6 (or later), please address them to Yi or Morgan.

I (Thomas) am more than happy to answer any questions (e.g., regarding marking) about assignments 1-2, plus labs 1-5. However, Yi is the much better person to address for later assessment items.

8/5/2017: Teaching Feedback for Thomas

When visiting SWEN 221 at Blackboard, you'll notice a link to a feedback survey. This is regarding to teaching feedback for Thomas, i.e., your SWEN 221 lecturer from the first half. Your current lecturer (Yi) may run his own survey much later, so if you leave feedback within the next 10 days (please do!), comment on Thomas' teaching.

19/4/2017: Assignment 1 Results

Please disregard my email as we now managed to copy automark_output.txt file to everyone's folder as can be seen in the submission system. However, if you got an email from me with your individual results, that means my script also worked. Cheers, Alex.