This course has TWO assignments: Project and Term Paper.

Project - Indoor Positioning System using WiFi Access Points as reference locations.


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Term Paper

The TERM PAPER assignment will be handed out on 30 Apr 2019.

This assignment is divided into the following phases:

(I) Selection of term paper topic based on the theme Mobility in the Internet of Things . Please refer to the Additional Reading page for a list of suggested papers to get you started. Each student will pick a topic for his/her term paper and prepare a short outline on what he/she plans to do (max 250 words and, ideally, this will become the abstract of the term paper); this is due on 13 May 2019 12:00hrs. You are strongly encouraged to finalize the topic before the deadline and start on your term paper earlier. Note: the topic must NOT overlap with another course, e.g. security, but something related to trust and cooperation is acceptable.

The term paper should involve one or a combination of the following:

  • design and validation of algorithm/protocol/scheme pertaining to mobile computing;
  • performance analysis of selected mobile computing system(s) using analytical/simulation/experimental approach;
  • read technical papers on related mobile computing topics and write a critique;

(II) Write the term paper of length 4,500 words (±10%) and submit it for peer review. This must be a completed term paper, not a draft with missing sections and to-do items/comments. The deadline is 14 June 2019 12:00hrs .

(III) Each student will present his/her term paper on 18 June 2019 starting at 14:10hrs in TTR106 (Meeting room on level 1 of Te Toki a Rata) . Attendance is compulsory for all presentations. The schedule will be decided prior to the presentation week. Bring your presentation (slides) on the day itself to be loaded into the PC in the lecture room.

(IV) Copies of each term paper will be given to two other students in the class to review; each student will have to review 2 other students term papers. At the end of the review, each student will have to submit a review report for each term paper that he/she has reviewed. The deadline for the submission of review reports is 21 June 2019 12:00hrs .

(V) Upon receiving the review reports and feedback during presentations, each student will then revise his/her term paper taking into consideration the feedback given by his/her peers in the review reports. The deadline for the submission of revised term papers is 25 June 2019 @ 23:59hrs .

(VI) Term paper grading -- the term papers will be graded based on the following criteria:
  • Amount of work done, e.g. number of papers that you have read, done any performance studies, written some software, etc. Also, how well or deeply you have analyzed and studied the problem, issues, etc., and provided a good review and/or comparison of the solutions, not just summarizing what you have read (this also relates to the "Originality/novelty" criteria.)
  • Originality/novelty - whether you have provided some new insights into the topic, new performance results, etc.
  • Writing - how well you have written your paper, checked it, double-checked it, minimal careless errors, listed the references correctly, etc.
  • Weightage of grade -- Work done (50%); Originality (30%); Writing (20%)

Guidelines for term paper format and preparation is available here.
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