Lecture Schedule

NOTE: There are two lectures per week on Mondays and Wednesdays. The Friday slot is reserved as a backup.

NOTE: Lecture notes uploaded before the class serve as pre-readings, and thus may be subject to changes.

This is just to give you a rough idea about what the course is going to cover. Changes may be made as the course goes.

This lecture schedule gives an approximate distribution of topics among the weeks of the trimester.

Week Lecture Topics Comment
1 Introduction, P2P, BitTorrent survey_topics, P2P Selection of survey topics

DoS in SDN, TCP Friendly Congestion Control, Traffic Classification, Network Covert Channel

2 P2P - Indexing/Searching, Skype, Multicasting P2P/Multicasting, Multicasting Selection of survey topics
3 Multicasting, Multimedia Applications Multicasting, Multimedia 1  
4 Multimedia Applications and QoS Multimedia 2  
5 Multimedia QoS Multimedia and QoS 1, QoS2  
7 Presentation  
8 Network Measurement Network Measurement 1 Network Measurement 2  
9 Internet Policy  
10 5G  
11 5G  
12 Revision Exam Cover Page