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This lecture schedule gives an approximate distribution of topics among the weeks of the trimester.
Week 1
Introduction to the course (course outline)    
Introduction to Computer Organization (chapter 1) Chapter 1.1-1.5  
Understand computer performance (chapter 1) Chapter 1.6-1.8  
1. course-introduction.pdf: Course Introduction and Introduction to Compute Hardware
2. notes-performance.pdf: Understanding Computer Performance
Week 2
Start Project 1 in labs.
MIPS programming 1 (chapter 2) Chapter 2.1 - 2.3  
  Chapter 2.3, 2.4  
3. notes-mips-language-1.pdf: Introduction to MIPS, using registers, accessing RAM, add, sub, lw, sw. Useful page of registers and Mnemonics.    
3. notes-mips-language-2.pdf: Signed and unsigned binary, 2's complement, endian-ness, sign extension, R-format, I-format.
Week 3
MIPS programming 2 (chapter 2) Chapter 2.5, 2.6  
  Chapter 2.6, 2.7  
3. notes-mips-language-3.pdf: Logic operations, isolating fields, conditional instructions, if-else, loops, bounds checks.    
3. notes-mips-language-4.pdf: Program efficiency, procedure calls, using the stack, register conventions, nested procedures.
Week 4
MIPS programming 3 (chapter 2) Chapter 2.8  
  Chapter 2.9, 2.10  
3. notes-mips-language-5.pdf: Global pointer, relative addressing, jump instruction, pseudo-direct addressing, branch off-set, 32bit immediates, ASCII, Unicode, OpCode and Function tables.    
3. notes-mips-language-6.pdf: Race conditions and mutex, Decker's algorithm, C translation hierarchy, Arrays vs Pointers.
Week 5
MIPS programming 4 (chapter 2)    
Combinational and sequential logic (Appendix B) Appendix B  
4. notes-combinational and sequential logic -1.pdf: Combinational logic, logic gates, design a logic block using gates, MUX, decoders.    
4. notes-combinational and sequential logic -2.pdf: 4. notes-combinational and sequential logic -2.pdf
5. notes-arithmetic and logic unit.pdf: 5. notes-arithmetic and logic unit.pdf
Week 6
Start Project 2 in labs.
Single cycle datapath (chapter 4) Chapter 4.1 - 4.3  
Single cycle datapath control (chapter 4) Chapter 4.3, 4.4  
6. notes-single cycle datapath - 1.pdf: 6. notes-single cycle datapath - 1.pdf    
7. notes-single cycle datapath control - 1.pdf: 7. notes-single cycle datapath control - 1.pdf    
Week 7
Pipelining design (chapter 4) Chapter 4.5, 4.6  
L13-pipelining.pdf: L13-pipelining.pdf  
L14 data hazards.pdf: L14 data hazards.pdf    
Week 8
Data hazards (chapter 4) Chapter 4.7  
L15 data hazards 2.pdf: L15 data hazards 2.pdf    

L16 control hazards.pdf: L16 control hazards.pdf
Week 9
Start Project 3 in labs.
Memory hierarchy (chapter 5) Chapter 5  
L17 Intro to Memory.pdf: L17 Intro to Memory.pdf
Gates.pdf: Gates.pdf
Chapter 5.1-5.3  
NO LECTURE Wed, 15th May 2019 - Graduation
Week 10
NO LECTURE Tuesday, 21st May 2019    
L18 Caching.pdf: L18 Associatve Caching.pdf Chapter 5.4  
Week 11
Assignment 4 available  
L19 Caching and VM.pdf: L19 Caching and VM.pdf Chapter 5.7  
L20.pdf: L20.pdf Virtual memory and IO systems Chapter 6  
Week 12
Kris's Course review Chapter 6  
Robin's Course review    
Review lecture.pdf: Review lecture.pdf
Past exams and reference solutions:




T1-2019-NWEN342-Exam front page.pdf: T1-2019-NWEN342-Exam front page.pdf

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