There will be FOUR (4) homework assignments and THREE (3) lab projects for NWEN 342. Homework assignments and lab projects will enable you to practice concepts and theories introduced in lectures. They are an important part of your preparation for the final exam. You will find submission instruction in the homework page and in the description of each lab project when they become available.

You are expected to do all the lab projects and all the homework assignments. Each lab project is worth 10% of your final grade. Each homework assignment is worth 2.5% of your final grade. The objective of each lab project is given below:
* Lab project 1: the objective of this lab is for students to become familiar with assembly programming.
* Lab project 2: the objective of this lab is to test students' understanding of pipeline datapath operation and hazards.
* Lab project 3: the objective of this lab is to enhance students' understanding of caches and memory management in a computer system.

Your grade for NWEN 342 will be determined based on the following assessment weightings:
Item Weight Due Learning objectives
Homework Assignment 1 2.5% Fri., Week 4 (Midnight 29 March) 1, 2, 3, 6
Homework Assignment 2 2.5% Fri., Week 6 (Midnight 12 April) 3, 4, 5, 6
Homework Assignment 3 2.5% Wed., Week 10 (Midnight 24 May) 5, 6
Homework Assignment 4 2.5% 7 June 5, 6
Lab Project 1 10% Fri., Week 5 (Midnight 5 April) 2, 3
Lab Project 2 10% Wed., Week 11 (Midnight 31 May) 5, 6
Lab Project 3 10% 9 June 5, 6
Final Examination 60%   1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
You are expected to do all the assignments/labs.

The policy on late submission is as follows:

Homework Assignments*
* Model solutions to the assignments will be released shortly after the assignment deadline. This means late submissions will NOT be accepted, unless you have made prior arrangement with the course coordinator for valid reasons such as medical and family emergencies.
*Lab Projects*
* Each lab project that is late (ie, submitted on the submission system after the deadline) will be penalised by 20% if it is up to 24 hours late, and penalised by 40% if it is between 24 hours and 48 hours late. Any work submitted more than 48 hours after the deadline *will receive 0 marks
* Each student will have 3 "late days" which you may choose to use for any lab project(s) during the course. There will be no penalty applied for these late days. You do not need to apply for these - any late days you have left will be automatically applied to lab projects that you submit late.
* The late days are intended to cover minor illnesses or other personal reasons for being late. You should only ask for extensions in the case of more significant or longer lasting problems (and you may need documentation). Do not waste "late days" on procrastination!
*Note*: Bachelor of Engineering students should be aware that copies of their assessed work may be retained for inspection by accreditation panel.

Tests and Exams

The final examination will be TWO hours long. You may be asked questions about any of the topics that we have covered in lectures and tutorials (this corresponds, roughly, to Chapters 1 to 5 and Appendices B-2 of the fifth edition of the course textbook), or in homework assignments and lab projects.

The timetable for final examinations will be available from the University web site. Non-programmable electronic calculators or programmable calculators with their memories erased will be allowed in the final examination. Paper non-English to English dictionaries will be permitted.


Working Together and Plagiarism

We encourage you to discuss the principles of the course and assignments with other students, to help and seek help with programming details, problems involving the lab machines. However, any work you hand in must be your own work.

The School policy on Plagiarism (claiming other people's work as your own) is available from the course home page. Please read it. We will penalise anyone we find plagiarising, whether from students currently doing the course, or from other sources. Students who knowingly allow other students to copy their work may also be penalised. If you have had help from someone else (other than a tutor), it is always safe to state the help that you got. For example, if you had help from someone else in writing a component of your code, it is not plagiarism as long as you state (eg, as a comment in the code) who helped you in writing the method.

Mandatory Course Requirements

1. You must obtain at least a D grade in the final examination.
Any student who is concerned that they have been (or might be) unable to meet any of the MCRs because of exceptional personal circumstances should contact the course coordinator as soon as possible.

Passing NWEN 342

To pass NWEN 342, a student must satisfy mandatory requirements and gain at least a C- grade overall.