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Welcome to NWEN 243 Network Applications

The course provides a broad introduction to computer networks, security, and a basic understanding of network application programming, with an emphasis on the working principles and application of computer networks. It covers a range of topics including basic data communication and computer network concepts, protocols, networked computing concepts and principles, network applications development and security.

If you find errors, note omissions, or have any other comments regarding these pages, please contact Dr. Qiang Fu (qiang.fu@ecs.vuw.ac.nz).

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5/7/2019: Re: Announcements

The first lecture is on next Tuesday.

There are two lectures per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Monday slot is used for backups or tutorials, only when scheduled.

3/7/2019: Announcements

Welcome to NWEN243 Network Applications 2019!

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