Final report

Write a reflective report (max. 3 A4 pages, font times new roman size 12) IT and engineering project management practices in New Zealand. You are expected use what you have learned following ENGR301, going to meetups and meeting with industrial partners, to draw comparisons (both similarities and differences) to your experiences from university and worklife in you home country and elsewhere that you know of. Apart from personal observations you can also use newspaper articles and academic literature to validate your reflections in the report.

The report is evaluated on:
  • Quality
    • e.g. writing, structure, consistency
  • Awareness of practices in New Zealand (NZ)
    • Appropriate observations about IT and engineering project management from classes and elsewhere in NZ
  • Quality of reflections
    • appropriate comparisons (NZ vs. other countries)
    • depth of reflections
    • validation (use of personal experiences and other sources)
The final report is worth 15% of the ENGR510 mark. The other 85% is the marks you receive from ENGR301.

The deadline is on 28th of June 2019.