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The 489 projects are the capstone course of the honours degrees, be they 4 year BE degrees or 1 year Science Honours degrees. The aim of the projects is for you to deeply explore a topic and project that interests you under the supervision of an academic(s), or an academic and industry supervisor. This is a golden opportunity for you to show-case the skills you have learned during your degree, and to demonstrate independent and critical thinking. Your project will involve designing, implementing and evaluating a solution to a complex engineering problem (ENGR489) or research problem (COMP489/588, CGRA489, ELCO489). During the project you will at first present your proposal to the research groups - and then submit a preliminary report near the end of the 1st trimester. Your finished reports will be due near the end of Trimester 2. Your final presentations are held at the end of the exam period (do not leave Wellington early) and will be part of an all day event to which industry will be invited to celebrate your successes.

During 2017, a number of lectures/seminars will be held for this course at 12:00pm on Wednesdays. You should plan to attend these lectures as a matter of course.

2017 Projects

We use an automated system for project advertisement and allocation. Using this system you will be able to view and rank (your preferences) for various projects. Once the ranking system is closed, we will run an allocation algorithm that will optimise your preferences against those for each project and your fellow students. There are some rules, for example, you must rank a minimum of SEVEN projects - or your preferences will not be ranked, and you may choose no more than 2 projects from any one staff member. This is to ensure an even workload for staff and to ensure students have enough dedicated supervisor time.

Here's the link for you to review and rank your projects: https://ecs.victoria.ac.nz/apps/projectselection/student

Useful Resources

The Handbook provides information about all aspects of the project:

Our preference is for students to use the LaTeXsystem to produce their project proposal, interim and final reports. LaTex is installed on all the School machines and distributions are available for use at home.

Intellectual Property Agreement

All students are required to submit a signed intellectual property agreement along with their proposal. The purpose of the intellectual property agreement is simply to identify those parties who are stakeholders in the project.

  • If you are doing an VUW project: VUW IP
  • If you are doing an industrial project: Industry IP
These forms should be signed off by your supervisor who will then pass them on to Aaron Chen.

Under some circumstances the normal VUW agreement will not be appropriate, in which case you will need to complete the more comprehensive industrial agreement. Typical reasons for using this form are outlined on the form itself, so you should read through that as well. If you need to use the longer form then you will need to indicate which of the reasons apply in your case. You should have a discussion with your supervisor about which form is appropriate for you once you know which project you are doing.

If you have any questions or concerns about IP matters then please contact the course coordinator Bryan Ng (bryan.ng@ecs.vuw.ac.nz) and Aaron Chen (aaron.chen@ecs.vuw.ac.nz). You are also free to seek independent legal advice.

Health and Safety

Can all 489 Students please fill out the health and safety document? Documents can be submitted via the ENGR489 submission system

It is expected that you may need to submit more than one safety plan as you go through your project. As you enter different stages of your project the safety requirements may need to change.

Please return the forms as soon as possible.

For any queries contact Roger Cliffe Any work for your project that takes place off VUW areas will need the following Form filled out
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