Professional Practice - Project Champions

ENGR 401: 2019 Trimester 1

There is the opportunity for 4th-year students to act as project champions for one or more ENGR 301/302 projects. There are several descriptions and definitions of the role of the project champion, but perhaps the most appropriate for ENGR 401 is The Project Champion: A Management Best Practice from Small Business Trends.

Seven Traits of a Project Champion (from Small Business Trends):

  1. Qualifications and aptitude to understand all elements of the project.
  2. Capacity to meet and exceed expectations of management.
  3. Ability to motivate and inspire a team to buy in and become engaged in the project’s success.
  4. Finesse to negotiate with all parties to ensure project success.
  5. Exceptional problem solving abilities and the resourcefulness to defeat obstacles.
  6. Superior organizational talents, and a knack for keeping team members on track.
  7. Stellar communications skills, keeping all project stakeholders aware and engaged.

Project champion roles are voluntary (unpaid) but the workload is anticipated to be light - around 2-3 hours total across the 12 teaching weeks. We are looking for volunteers who are motivated by an interest in a particular project to involve themselves every now and then.

In the past, project champions who have been involved and effective in their role have, quite appropriately, cited being a project champion in their Curriculum Vitae and teaching staff have been happy to act as a reference for them.

Anyone wishing to be a project champion in 2019 should contact the Course Coordinator / Programme Director at their earliest convenience.