Project Management - People

ENGR 301: 2019 Trimester 1

Course Coordinator and Lecturers

The course coordinator and one of the lecturers for ENGR 301 is James Quilty. His contact details are:

The other lecturer for ENGR 301 is James Noble. His contact details are:

Assistant Lecturers


  • Hrshikesh Arora, Software Engineering Specialist (School of Engineering and Computer Science)

Office Hours: Tutors typically do not hold office hours. Please contact the tutors individually by email to arrange a time to meet.

Class Representatives

Class representatives provide a useful way to communicate feedback to the teaching staff during the course. The class representatives are:

School Office

The School office staff are Simonette Blanco, Kelsey Firmin and Alec Rodger. The office is located on level three of the Cotton Building, (room 358).

Electronics Technicians

ENGR 301/302 students wishing to receive advice, or procure electronics components for projects, should contact the ECS electronics technicians Tim Exley, Jason Edwards or Hamish Colenso by sending an email to in the first instance.

Tim, Jase and Hamish are also very happy to give advice on prototype PCB designs prior to milling, and on the selection of components and alternative components to fulfil project requirements. They often have electronics in-stock and, if not, will place orders through their university purchase cards and charge against your project in the course.

See the Procurement section of the Project Resources page for full details on how to order components for projects.

Software Technicians

Students needing assistance with the School's software or computing infrastructure should contact the ECS software technicians by sending requests for resources or configuration changes to or problem reports to You will most likely receive a reply from Mark Davies, Duncan McEwan, Christo Muller, Radek Hes or Royce Brown, please see their staff pages for their areas of expertise.

Please see the Guide To Writing Good Bug Reports and Job Requests before writing your first bug report or job request.