Project Management - Lecture Schedule

Lecture times and venues

Lecture times and venues for ENGR 301 are, unless otherwise advised:
Day Time Room
Monday 17:10 - 18:00 Te Toki a Rata TTRLT1
Tuesday 17:10 - 18:00 Te Toki a Rata TTRLT1
Thursday 17:10 - 18:00 Te Toki a Rata TTRLT1

Lecture Schedule for ENGR 301: 2019 Trimester 1

Please note that Entries in italics are provisional.
Week Start Day Lecture Topic
1 04/03/2019 Monday Introduction to ENGR 301 (PDF)
  Tuesday Guest Speaker: Catherine Byrne, Summer of Tech
What is a Project? (PDF)
  Wednesday Meet the clients - Note this is on Wednesday and in AM102 and AM104
  Thursday Project Process Groups ; Student Agreements and Confidentiality ; Project Interviews (PDF)
2 11/03/2019 Monday Project Initiation (PDF)
  Tuesday Project Interviews! Note: interviews to be held in Alan MacDiarmid AM102 and AM104
  Thursday Lecture ; Project Teams Announced
3 18/03/2019 Monday Project Life Cycles I;
  Tuesday Project Life Cycles II
  Thursday Health & Safety Briefing; GitLab Tutorial (Markdown)
4 25/03/2019 Monday Engineering Requirements Specification
  Tuesday Engineering Requirements Analysis
  Thursday Project Requirments tutorial
5 01/04/2019 Monday Project Requirements Due 10:00
Iterative Development
  Tuesday Iteration Planning (same slides as Monday)
  Thursday Planning Game tutorial
6 08/04/2019 Monday Iterations and Kanban
  Tuesday Working with Humans
  Thursday Show us your Boards! tutorial
Mid-Trimester Break: Monday 15 April to Friday 26 April
7 29/04/2019 Monday Who are these People Anyway?
  Tuesday Human Resource Management (PDF)
  Thursday Working with Developers (PDF)
8 06/05/2019 Monday Lecture Cancelled
  Tuesday Scaling Up (PDF)
  Thursday Project Architecture Tutorial (PDF)
9 13/05/2019 Monday Project Execution I - Bringing it All Together: Integration (PDF)
  Tuesday Project Execution II - Managers Need to Manage (PDF)
  Thursday Project Execution III - Project Integration Management Summary Lecture cancelled
  Friday Project Architecture Extended Deadline: 17:30
10 20/05/2019 Monday Project Execution IV - Avoiding Mediocrity: Quality Management (PDF)
  Tuesday Project Execution V - Advanced HR Management (PDF)
  Thursday Project Execution VI - More Advanced HR Management (PDF)
11 27/05/2019 Monday Project Execution VII - Documentation and Communication (PDF)
  Tuesday Project Execution VIII - Stakeholders and Procurement (PDF)
  Thursday Project Execution IX - Working in a Client-Focussed Way (PDF)
12 03/06/2019 Monday Public Holiday - Queen's Birthday - No Lecture
  Tuesday Project Execution X - Oral Presentations (PDF) Bonus: Assignment FAQs!
  Thursday Course Summary (PDF)
07/06/2019 Friday Performance Report Due 24:00
13/06/2019 Presentation Slide Submission Deadline 24:00
14/06/2019 Presentation Presentation Sessions