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Welcome to the Home Page for ENGR 122: Engineering Mathematics with Calculus. We will use these pages for lecture notes, assignment & tutorial questions, notices, answers to assignments and tutorial questions, etc. The left web bar has links for these, too.


In support of the School Strike 4 Climate, the lecture at 10am on Friday 27 September is cancelled. Vic supports the Climate Strike

Test Two will be held during the lecture on Thurs 3 October (10:00 in EA LT206), and will be 45 minutes long.

Lecture Times

Mon, Weds, Thurs, Fri 10:00-10:50 EA LT206

Note that since we have four lecture times a week, for a total of 48 time-slots for lectures, but the material is intended to only require 30 lectures, there is scope for holding two Tests during lectures, and for using the extra lecture times to catch up if behind, and for cancelling lectures if somebody is away.

Matt Visser, who is Course Coordinator for ENGR122, is lecturing the first half of this course.

Mark McGuinness lectures after the midTrimester break.

Tutorial times

Day Time Room Tutor pref Style Wk1 %full
Mon 9-10am CO118 Alex Simpson    
Thu 9-10am EA201 Aleksa Vujicic    

Lecture Notes

Lecture notes are here

Submission of Assignments and Lab Reports

You can submit Assignments and Lab Reports here.

Submission requires using a correct name for the submitted pdf file, ending with your username.pdf, and submitting one file with more than one page in it. So you might need to be able to combine separate pdf files into one pdf file. There are lots of ways to do this; check it out online.

Assignments and Tutorials

Assignment and Tutorial questions and model answers may be found here.

The first real assignment was set in the second week of lectures, and assignments are typically due at midnight Weds. There will be eight assignments in total, and you will get full credit for a reasonable attempt at six of them, submitted on time. Late assignments are not marked; you can miss two without any loss of credit.

Lab Dates and Info

Information about the labs can be found here

Class Representative

Thanks to Mitchell Beserra for offering to be Class Rep for ENGR122. You can contact Mitchell at mitchellbeserra at gmail dot com.


Test Two will be held during the lecture on Thurs 3 October (10:00 in EA LT206), and will be 45 minutes long.

Test One was held during the lecture on Monday 12 August (10:00 in EA LT206), and was 45 minutes long.

Test 1 details

Course information sheet