Engineering Modelling and Design: ENGR110 2017 Trimester T2.

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12/9/2017: Re: Annoucements

Hey everyone, The VUWSA Student Representation Celebration is coming up in October and it is time to vote for class reps and lecturers that have helped over the year!
If you want to nominate someone go to this link Nominations are open until the 30th of September.

11/9/2017: Re: Annoucements

Hi everyone, Test #1 marks are now out on the ECS system. The mean grade for the test was 75% - well done everyone! The highest mark was 50/50 (the first 100% I have ever given in a test). The Design Cycle and networking questions were answered the best (mean grades of 83% and 82% respectively), and the Use Case and Finite State machine questions were answered worst (both had means of 71%). In general I'm really happy with people performance in the networking and FSM questions, but we might have to revisit use cases to clarify some points.

16/8/2017: Re: Annoucements

About 80% of the marks for assignment 1 have been released. As we didnt manage to get everything marked and returned before the test I have posted model answers to Assignment 1 on the assignments page here:

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