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25 March: During the LTspice lab some of you noticed that directories on C:\ drive are write-protected; this made adding new parts or libraries difficult.

My thanks to Lenton and Grayson for finding a solution to this:

1) Copy LTspice Model code from (

2) Save code as LM741.txt in the same directory as the LTspice Schematic file.

3) Select opamp2 from component menu, then right click on component and change the 1st value to LM741.

4) Add a LTspice Directive ('.op' in the menu) with the command ".include LM741.txt "

Or follow Simon Bramble's tutorial 4.

13 March: Reminder – lectures start in week 2 (13 March), with meetings at noon in EA120 on Tuesdays and Thursdays and in CO119 on Fridays.