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Course Announcements:

  • The due date of Assignment 5 is Monday, September 2. Enjoy the break! [18 Aug]

  • Formula Sheet for the Test (and beyond) is posted on the Assignments section. Note, this sheet may be updated (with additions, not subtractions) [24 Jul]

  • We will have a lecture this Friday, 16 July in AM102 [24 Jul]

  • The class rep for 2019 ECEN 220 is Riley Allen. [16 Jul]

  • Assignment 1 due date has been pushed to Monday 22 July. This will give everyone a weekend to complete the questions for which the content is covered in class on Thursday [16 Jul]

  • Labs will begin in Week 3, starting with the Signals Lab (#1). Lab #2 will be held in Week 5. Lab slot allocation will be posted shortly (everyone gets their 1st choice). Labs will be due on Friday the following week. See Assignments section for details. [16 Jul]

  • Please disregard the previous message on this page regarding the test. It was accidentally copied over from 2018... [15 Jul]

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