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num Topic Resources

1 Introduction to text mining, Course Organisation pdf
2 Text classification, tf.idf pdf
3 Python, python for tf.idf, NB, LR, KNN pdf, lecture-tfidf.ipynb, 4docs.csv,
lecture-simple-text-classification.ipynb, simple-review.csv
4 word embedding, word2Vec, CBOW, Skipgram pdf, visualisation at https://ronxin.github.io/wevi/
5 CNN for text classification pdf, lecture-CNN-embeddings.ipynb
6 Parameters, Python implementation, train embedding pdf, basic_text_classifiaction.ipynb
7 text clustering HAC pdf
8 Kmeans, DBSCAN pdf
9 STC, opinion mining, information extraction pdf
10 Recommender Systems pdf
11 Content based Recommender systems pdf
12 Information Retrieval, Personalised Search, Evaluation pdf
13 Google and PageRank pdf
14 Query Expansion and Natural Language Processing pdf

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week 2 Thursday, 14 March, topics related to text classification or clustering, such as new algorithms, deep learning models(CNN, RNN) or their applications
sign up Daniel Hardie, Sean Stevenson, Sean Hone, Dylan Kumar, Andrew McGhie, Brandon Scott-Hill, ..
week 4 Thursday, 28 March, topics related to text representation such as word2vec, word embedding, word rank, new measures for word similarity
Sign up Alex Mitchell, Rhaz Solomon, Daniel Kahu, Dylan Chong
week 6 Thursday, 11 April, topics related to clustering algorithms, opinion mining, information extraction
Sign up Peter Scriven, Daniel Ko, Yi Lim, Jacob Mark-Bradnock, Shaun Burnell, Josh Weir
week 8 Thursday, 9 may, topics related to recommender systems, such as the system used by Netflix, Amonzon, youTube, etc.
sign up Lei Yang, Jack McKenzie, Daniel V, Nicholas, Rachel, David Hack
week10 Thursday, 23 May, topics related to information retrieval, query expansion, personalised search, such as new search engines, new web services.
Sign up yingLiang Shao, Juhini Desai, Cameron Hopkinson, Aaron Lee, Will Pearson ..
week12 Thursday, 6 June, other topics including machine translation, natural language processing
Sign up .Jaime, Brandon M, Taniya, Man Wui, Zhancheng Gan, Shweta Mehta, Shaolin Wang, Vincent Yu

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