COMP 308 (2017) - Home Page

This is course home page for COMP 308: Introduction to Computer Graphics.


8/6/2017: Announcement

Sorry for not being in the last lecture on Tuesday; I was sick. I believe Andrew would nicely cover the lecture on behalf of me.

We will not have more lecture and tutorial this week but will open the helpdesk on Friday.

I have opened the course/teaching evaluation. Please share your time to evaluate the last COMP308 (the course label will be changed to CGRA350 from next year, your comment would be helpful to improve course materials).

Instructions for Blackboard (it will be closed by 15th June):

Hope you have enjoyed the course and expect smooth progress for your final project.
See you at the presentation.


25/5/2017: Announcement

Next week's guest Lectures for COMP308 by Researchers at Weta Digital

1. 30th May, "SketchiMo: Sketch-based Character Motion Editing" by Dr. B K Choi

2. 1st Jun, "Creating an Actor-speci[ch64257]c Facial Rig From Performance Capture" by Dr. Yeongho Seol

Don't miss the opportunity to learn about the cutting edge techniques at the world leading VFX industry.
The details are in the course forum.

24/5/2017: Announcement

Final project presentation will be at CO219, 1:00pm, 13th Jun.