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5/4/2019: Re: Announcements

NB! The Mid-term test will be at 6-7pm, 29 Apr (Monday). Class will be split by Last Name between two rooms: MCLT103 (A-K) and KKLT303 (L-Z).

The Mid-term test will cover everything taught in the first 6 weeks, except the articulation points. It is a bit too hard for the test. I will leave the articulation points part to the final exam.

The past test and exam papers can be found from

4/3/2019: Re: Announcements

You have to sign up for a tutorial using myAllocator during week 1 as they start in week 2. The MyAllocator link is

4/3/2019: Announcements

Welcome to COMP261 2019 T1!

This course is a VERY HARD course, if not the hardest course in the 200 level. It requires both programming and logic thinking. Therefore, you are highly encouraged to attend the lectures as much as possible. Although you can still watch the video recording, you may not get the best learning experience as you go to lectures. In addition to the lectures, you have to go through the algorithms many times to understand them. It is normal if you cannot fully understand during the lectures -- but you will get a rough picture.

Please check your ECS email address regularly. I (Yi Mei) send weekly emails (usually on weekends) to make announcements for the next week (e.g. lectures, tutorials, helpdesks, assignments) to the class mailing list. You will get more information from those emails, which can be received by your ECS email address, but not your personal emails.

Yi Mei's office hours are 3-4pm, Thursdays.