Programming for the Natural and Social Sciences: COMP132 2019 Trimester T2.

Welcome to COMP132 for 2019 Tri T2.


12/9/2019: Term test model solutions at CO219

The term test model solutions can be picked up from CO219.
The marking is completed for all. Please contact me if you find any marking mistakes.

9/9/2019: Term test marking is finished

The marking is finished. Please check your marks from the term test page.
The model solutions will be available later this week.
We are still processing special cases with submission problems. Please contact me if you didn't get any marks.

5/9/2019: Term Test Today

Please be there 10 mins earlier if you can.
Please be aware that the term test page is not available 3pm-4pm today because we have some last minute work to do on that page.
Good luck Everyone!

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