COMP 112 lectures are Mon, Tue, Thu, 12 noon in Kirk LT301:
  • Mon & Tue: faster programming,
  • Fri: Computer Science topics

You can also choose to attend the COMP 102 lectures, either:
  • at the same time but in SUMT228 (Memorial Theatre), or
  • 10am, Mon, Tue, 2pm Fri, in SUMT228

Time Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri
9 - 10 Assigs due 9am
10 - 11 (102/A SUMT228) (102/A SUMT228) Lab AL4
11 - 12 Lab AL1
12 - 1 Lect KK301
(102/B in SUMT228)
Lect KK301
(102/B in SUMT228)
Lect KK301
(102/B in SUMT228)
Lab AL5
1 - 2 Lab TL1 Lab TL5 Lab AL6
2 - 3 Lab TL2 Lab TL6 Help desk Lab AL2 (102/A SUMT228)
3 - 4 Lab TL3 Lab TL7 Lab AL7
4 - 5 Lab TL4 Lab TL8 Lab AL3
5 - 6 100-level Workshop
AM 106
100-level Workshop
AM 106
102/112 Workshop
AM 106
6 - 7
7 - 8

Labs and tutorial schedule:

  • Students should choose one "Tutorial Lab" session (Monday or Tuesday) and one "Assignment Lab" session (Thursday or Friday). Note that you do not have to be in corresponding sessions, eg Lab TL1 and Lab AL3 is fine.
  • Labs will be held in CO238
  • Labs will start from Thursday in the first week (7 March)
  • Helps desks are in CO242a and start from Wednesday in the third week (20 March)
  • The Workshop for COMP112/102 that starts in week three is optional, and will be on Thursdays 5pm-7pm in AM106
  • The workshops for 1st year Engineering and Computer Science students are on Monday and Wednesday 5pm-8pm in AM106