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Computational photography is an emerging field that aims to overcome the limitations of conventional digital cameras and graphics to utilise the real-world visual media content to produce more vivid, compelling, and meaningful visualizations of the world around us. In this course, we will study ways of manipulating and combining photographs and videos to produce new and better pictures, panoramas, animations, etc. Over the trimester we will look at how computation can be used to capture, create, and enhance digital imagery in an effort to move beyond the constraints of traditional cameras. Main areas covered will include: cameras and image formation, image processing and image representations, high-dynamic-range-imaging, human visual perception and color, video enhancement, morphing, data-rich photography, super-resolution and stereo imagery.

The assessment on whether the students have the capability to do practical image/video based application is to implement an image or video stylization system, a panorama construction tool and a video stabilization algorithm. There will be a final project with chosen related algorithm to implement.