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6/9/2017: Assignment 4 briefing

Want to know more about how Assignment 4 is supposed to work? Watch this video:
password: ass4

24/8/2017: All assignments up on website

All of the remaining assignment specifications for CGRA151 are now up on the website:

Over the study break you are expected to do two main things for CGRA 151:
(1) Complete and submit the mathematics assignment (due 12 September, 10:00).
(2) Start planning your “game” for assignment 5. Please read the specification for Assignment 5 now, so that you know the constraints and requirements for your game.

22/8/2017: Help with matrix multiplication

You should have met matrix multiplication in your first trimester mathematics class. You've also seen it in CGRA 151 lectures, in the lecture slides and in the mathematics work book. Still having problems?

Here are a couple of resources that try to help you understand it. You can search for more using Google:
Math Is Fun (web page) - a colourful explanation that includes 12 multi-choice questions to test whether you've really got it
Bill Shillito's TedEd explanation of matrices (YouTube video, 5 minutes)
Janele explains matrix multiplication in 6 minutes (YouTube video, 6 minutes)

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There are a range of things that you need to do: